Candy Purple Jewellery Box (JB-972-PUCW-M)

  • Rs.2,049.00

Our stylish jewellery box comes with adequate space to store all your precious ornaments. The top level is removable and comes with compartments of different sizes. It has 8 small pockets for dainty trinkets, 2 slotted compartments for rings, and 1 fair sized pocket for pendants, earrings etc. The bottom level has 6 equal sized pockets to keep bracelets, chains, earrings and such. You can also keep silver or gold coins in these. The box is made of PU Leatherette on the outside and is lined with velvet inside. It comes with a mirror and a catch pocket on the inner side of the lid. The outside of the box exhibits a simple but classy cross weave pattern. Equipped with clasp lock to keep your valuables safe. Ideal organizer while travelling and is a great gift.


  • Stylish, spacious, travel friendly box. Exterior: PU Leatherette and interior: velvet
  • 2 levels. Top level has differently sized compartments, 8 small, 2 slotted and 1 fair sized. Bottom level has 6 equal sized compartments.
  • Color: Candy Purple; Design: Cross weave checks; Dimensions in cms (LxWxH): 25.5 x 19 x 11
  • Lid has mirror and catch pocket on the inside. Easy closure. Great travelling companion and wonderful gift