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Uberlyfe Introduces the first of its kind foam replacement programme, which will enhance the life of your sofa. Its good for Mother earth too.

Your shirt will eventually wear out, your sandals will bite the dust, your car will get devalued and its true for your mattress and sofa too.

With continual use your sofa will eventually sag, but that doesn't mean you have to throw it away.

Our unique programme allows you to continue enjoying your sofa for a long time.

Lets Understand your SOFA

The sofa consists of mainly the outer sofa cover (made of fabric) and the inner core ( made of foam).
It has mainly 4 sections.

Either of these can get damaged, so at Uberlyfe we have you covered from both ends, If the sofa cover gets damaged, get yourself a new cover. If the foam gets damaged by way of moisture or sagging you can get that replaced too. Depending on the section and size of the sofa we will ship you a new replacement at a nominal cost.


At Uberlyfe, we have continuously put ourselves in our customers shoes to create products and that exceed their expectations and continually back them with great support.

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