Blyssware® Introductory Price Offer - Cloth Dryer Stand For Home/Durable & Light Weight/Long & Extended (CP-001593-WINSOME)

  • Rs.1,499.00

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Synergy Heavy Duty Cloth Drying Stand - Air Drying Clothes Made Easy!

From delicate hand-washables to everyday loads of laundry, this Synergy cloth drying stand offers a simple solution for conveniently air-drying clothes. The drying stand keeps your clothes hanging neatly together and can be placed indoors and outdoors. Heavy Duty Metal with Epoxy Coating - Made of steel for durability, the lightweight, portable drying rack works well in any desired location, like a laundry room or bedroom--or even out on the back deck on a warm, sunny day. A waterproof epoxy coating in white covers the metal rack, providing a clean appearance while helping to effectively eliminate odours, stains, and mildew.



  • SPACE SAVER: The layers can be folded when not in use. Ideal for compact places.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Highly smooth finished coated Mild Iron rods are rust proof and Plastic joints.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT/ DURABLE : It is light-weight yet made of durable mild steel.
  • Opening Size: 131 x 65 x 99 cm
  • Conveniently Hangs and Dries More Clothes/Garments in a Limited Indoor Space, While It Rains Outside. No Need for Using the Clothes Line or Rods to Dry Clothes.