Smart Kitchen Cutlery Tray (KT-001039-TRAY-M)

  • Rs.699.00

UberLyfe presents smart and extremely functional kitchen cutlery trays made from premium quality, hard and durable plastic. This small tray comes with 4 long compartments and 1 slightly shorter compartment. You can easily organize your spoons, knives, forks and containers or packets for spices and condiments on the tray. The base of each compartment is lined with thin grey plastic mats and it is very easy to keep it clean. Keep the tray on the kitchen countertop or fit it inside kitchen drawers or shelf. Now everything you need while cooking or dining is close at hand! It is also a great gift for housewarming.


  • 5 compartment cutlery tray fits easily in any kitchen drawer
  • Crafted from hard, durable plastic and the compartments are lined with thin, grey plastic mats.
  • Easy to keep clean and can be placed on countertops or fitted into drawers or shelves. Thoughtful gift for housewarming.
  • Lined with soft textured nonslip surface
  • Dimensions in cms (LxWxH): 32.5 x 29 x 4.5