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Ever wondered if your house needs a sofa bed? We believe every house needs one! With over 50,000 sofa beds sold and an extensive survey through candid conversation with over a thousand customers, we figured out the top five types of homes that really need a sofa bed.


#1. Homes that use floor mattresses for sleeping

If you are renting a room in an unfurnished apartment, you may be tempted to put a mattress on the floor instead of investing in a bed. The mattress on the floor eats up most of the space in the room leaving you little room to put any other piece of furniture. A foldable sofa bed is a perfect solution for such homes.

#2. Compact home that requires folding/unfolding beds every day


If you live in a small space, that requires you to lay a bed out every night and fold and stack it every morning, then our sofa cum beds are god-sent! Unlike bulky mattress, they do not take up too much room or make moving around difficult at times when there is no time to fold them up again. Our sofa beds, instantly and compactly folds up, saving you time and efforts. What more, through the day use them for your seating arrangement

#3. Homes with young children who sleep in their parent's room


If you have young kids that sometimes walk into your room in the middle of the night to sleep with you then our sofa bed is a super handy piece of furniture to have. A lightweight sofa cum bed that flips open with a single hand and creates an instant sleeping arrangement will save you some much-needed sleep.

#4. Homes with guests staying over

Do you have guests coming over often? A sofa cum bed is ideal for those who don't want to bother with finding another place for their guests to stay overnight when their friends or family come over. They can just sleep on the sofa bed and not worry about anyone disturbing their sleep patterns for the night.

#5. Homes that relocate frequently

If your job requires you to relocate frequently then you don't want to invest in furniture that doesn't move with you. Our sofa beds are lightweight so you can easily transport them. They require no assembling or disassembling. And when you arrive in a new home you always have a bed ready and set up for you.

It will not be too far-fetched to conclude that most homes need a sofa cum bed. And, Ubelyfe sofa cum beds are lightweight, easy to convert, multi-position and backed by superior quality and finish. Browse through our selection of hundreds of sofa cum bed to find one for your home today.