About Us

Uberlyfe is synonymous with all things excellent in life. We invent, manufacture and present solutions which enhances quality of life.


 We at Uberlyfe are trying to be the catalyst of change in your life, and the freedom to be who you are. We are your jazzy wall murals that aren’t so permanent that you are stuck with it until your next paintwork. We are your toddlers’ colourful organizer that will teach him to stack and store early on. We are your valuable jewelries keepsake box that double ups as your locker storage box because it has been so designed. We are your closet organizers to keep you and your millions of things sorted. We are in short your “simple everyday solutions” which keeps your world beautiful, organized and utilitarian.


We can now confidently ( our ratings justify our claim) say across the product categories we operate, that our products have robust quality and build, value for money, great aesthetic sense and backed by great customer support.