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About Us


“Product and Production”

After spending 5 years in the US, where he worked as a hardware engineer, Aditya returned to India in 2007 to join his family business. After understanding the nitty gritty and the challenges of the offline business, Aditya forayed into the online retail space.

His international exposure + a strong understanding of the Indian market drives him to relentlessly pursue his long term vision of creating a brand in India that competes with top international brands. 

In his day to day operations, Aditya is completely entrenched into all things related to Product. So from the raw material sourcing to the final product’s design, look, feel and packaging, all of these iterations go under his keen eye. He spends 25% of his time on the factory floor to ensure that we deliver what we commit to!


“Process, Customer Expreience”

Ruchika holds a double masters in Math and Statistics, the latter from a top university in the US. She brings her passion for data and its analytics to make everyday decisions and processes as optimized as possible. As any founder, she wears multiple hats, but is passionate about two critical elements of UberLyfe: 

Operational Process optimization

Customer Experience

Ruchika believes that the customers’ are the biggest stakeholders in a company and she spends a good part of her day at UberLyfe, interacting with the customers to understand their issues or needs better. Every feedback/review left by a customer is closely monitored by her, to ensure that the customer centric value is not diluted at any stage.


Uberlyfe's Vision

Our vision is to create a home grown brand that stands at par with International Brands in terms of product quality, designs and after sales service.

Uberlyfe's Mission

Our mission is to design intelligent solutions for every indian home keeping the quality, design and price at the forefront of every single consideration.

How we work


Continuous improvement