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Warranty Registrations and Important Information

Warranty Registration

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UberLyfe Sofa cum Bed Warranty

All UberLyfe products are manufactured using high quality raw material and accessories. Thus, our faith in our craftsmanship and the materials we source allows us to offer you a 1 year limited warranty. Should you on an off-chance receive a product which is less than perfect, or has sustained undue damages over the period of 1 year of fair use, we got you covered!


Under the warranty the damaged product/parts will either be repaired or replaced based on Uberlyfe’s discretion. In case of failure to either repair or replace the item.

Scope of Warranty

  • Any manufacturing defect at the time of delivery. This does not however include minor defects such as loose hanging threads, or uneven stitching line. These sofa cum beds are crafted by hand in India, so some amount of variation is unavoidable.
  • Mattress shrinkage, deformity or sagging of more than two inches. Please note that any deformity on only one portion of sofa cum bed is indicative of abuse and wont be covered under warranty.
  • Breaking down of foam material

The warranty does NOT cover the items such as, but not limited to:

  • Damage of sofa cum bed due to gross negligence and abuse.
  • Normal softening / sagging that is less than 2 inches.
  • Normal wear and tear of sofa over the course of use.
  • Any cuts or tears on the sofa cum bed from sharp object, resulting in damage of the fabric and subsequently mattress.
  • Liquid damages to the cover or mattress.
  • Use of sofa cum bed on an uneven base resulting in the deformity of the shape.
  • Damages resulting from improper storage or usage of product.
  • Zipper on the sofa cover.
  • Unauthorized service during the warranty period

Warranty Claim Procedure

  • Submit photographic and video proof of problem to UberLyfe along with original invoice and warranty card copy.
  • UberLyfe representative will call you and take down the case history
  • UberLyfe will review the case and get back to you with a resolution
  • If your case is approved under fair use policy, UberLyfe will offer you repair or replacement.

Terms and Conditions

  • For the warranty to be applicable, the customer will have to submit the original bill and the warranty card. Only the customer who has bought the mattress is eligible for the warranty claim.
  • UberLyfe has the rights to refuse to inspect or return pickup any sofa cum bed that has been kept in severely unhygienic or unsanitary condition. This poses a health and safety risk for our workforce.
  • The maximum liability for any product placed at UberLyfe is capped at the original purchase cost of the product.

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