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A Furniture Checklist For Setting Up A Nursery At Home







How to Set up a Nursery at Home                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

While setting up a nursery for your kid is a touching experience, it should be a combination of fun and functionality. You create a space for your kids to play, grow and have fun experiences. Therefore, you need to identify their requirement and strike a balance between essentials and non-essentials in terms of objects and furniture you choose to surround your kid with. The space you create should allow children to play, interact with each other, engage in fun activities and at the same time, keep their safety into account. There is so much to explore and innovate when furnishing a nursery but it is prudent to keep the space simple and safe with a neutral decor. As your little ones grow old, modifications can be introduced. 

Furniture, bedding and accessories play a major role in setting up a nursery. To begin with, you must pick up the right piece of furniture and add other elements around it. The furniture and other elements that you choose to surround your kids with must serve four main purposes – functionality, storage, fun and learning. Kids are all about playing and therefore, you need to create a space for them where they feel comfortable. Additionally, you need to smartly redirect their energy into teaching different things in a fun and recreational manner. 

When selecting furniture for a nursery, you need to first determine how long you want to use them. If you want to continue to modify the area several times, then you need to make your choices accordingly. Following are some furniture types that are not only essential for a nursery but also allow you to rebuild or modify your space as your kids grow.

  • Convertible Crib: The first thing that you need to look for is a crib. You need to get a crib that can easily adapt to the requirement of your growing child. With a convertible crib, you can use it to transform it into daybeds, double beds and toddler beds, allowing you to put them in good use for several years. By selecting a convertible furniture, you can extend the longevity of the furniture.                                                                                                      

  • Changing Table: Toddlers will need the changing table more often than you might think. There are a wide range of tables that you can get for your tiny ones. It is wise to choose the ones that come with a storage unit which can be used to store the essential, daily-use toiletries of your kid. For safety purposes, choose a changing table that comes with a strap around. Just in case your child is left unattended, the strap will save them from toppling over. Look for foldable tables which, once you are done using, can be folded and tucked away neatly, creating more area for the kids to move around and play.                                                                                                                  

  • Foldable Sofa cum Beds: A smart selection of furniture does not only provide children a comfortable environment, but it also allows optimum utilisation of your investment. With a foldable sofa cum bed, you can do so much. In the daytime, you can set up the sofa for the kids to sit, play, and watch television. When the time comes for them to take a nap, you can simply unfold it and create a napping space for them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Efficient Storage Units: Kids are adorable. They occupy their own little space but their toys, clothes, toiletries take up even more space. Therefore, you have to create a smart storage system which can optimise your space. Before purchasing one, make sure to check the durability of these items. Drawers and cupboards with corner blocks withstand rough handling better than the ones without them. For the safety of the children, make sure that the shelves, or corners have an edge guard. You can also attach the large pieces of furniture to the wall, to avoid any kind of mishappening.

  • A Rocker or Glider Chair: You will of course need to feed the kids from time to time. Having a rocker or a glider chair at home is quite essential for times like these. Getting the ones that come with a wide seat base and padded armrests make the feeding sessions more comfortable. Make sure that the chair does not squeak, or it will disrupt the sleep of the child. You might also have to take a nursing pillow to accommodate yourself and the kids comfortably. 

  • These are some important pieces of furniture you need to set up a nursery for your kid. As they grow, you can keep adding other items in the space based on their taste and preference. Make sure that whatever you purchase for a kid’s room, it should have a utilitarian aspect apart from aesthetics. Efficiency is the key to building a nursery and the items you choose for this space determines the comfort you offer to your kids. Provide them with items that will allow them to have fun and express themselves.