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Furniture to invest in when you live in a hostel or PG



Furniture To Invest In When you Live Alone

Moving away from home and settling into a hostel or a PG is not just a milestone but an emotion that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You walk into an empty hostel room or PG apartment to make it your home. Ranging from furniture to appliances, a number of items go hand in hand to make you transform that house into a home. A new apartment is like a blank slate which gives you the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with everything you love. While you proceed to do so, you need to keep in mind that the space you create for yourself needs to be both comfortable and functional.

There are so many things that you can buy for your PG or hostel room but before you go into a shopping spree, here are two things you need to consider before you pick any item.  

  • Make a list of furniture and essential items you need
  • Determine a budget for your purchases.

Functionality should top your list and therefore, the items you choose should be categorised in terms of a furniture to ensure a comfortable sleep, to provide a stable workstation unit, furniture to sit upon and a storage unit for clothes and other valuable items. Once you have sorted this, you can begin with shopping for multi-purpose beds, foldable mattresses, collapsible wardrobe, camp chairs and work desk. 

Multi-purpose Beds Save Space

One of the biggest and necessary investments while you are planning to move into an apartment is getting a bed. When shopping for a bed, people usually make the mistake of going for expensive models. This might look good for a while but when it comes to utility, it does not hold up for a long period of time. Instead of traditional beds you can opt for futon. It can be used both as a bed and couch. You can pull it out and sleep on it at night. When your friends come over to your place to hang out, you can just fold it and transform it into a couch. Beds that come with storage systems are great space savers. You can also opt for them. You can use the available space to store your blankets, quilts, pillows, bed sheets and other bedding essentials.

Foldable Mattresses For Unexpected Guests

One of the essential items that you must purchase for your new space is a foldable mattress. Just because you have started living on your own, doesn’t mean your family, parents and friends won’t visit you. When guests arrive, accommodating them comfortably can be quite a challenge. However, if you have a foldable mattress, hosting your family and friends doesn't seem problematic. Bring out that extra mattress, place it in your room and host them accordingly. When your guests leave, just fold it and tuck it away neatly. The foldable mattresses allow you to optimize your space.

Collapsible Wardrobes For Easy Carriage

Once you make your sleeping arrangements, it is equally essential to take care of the storage system. When you go shopping for storage units, explore collapsible wardrobes. Easy to install, these wardrobes can be fixed up in no time. These wardrobes are foldable and can fit into a box. When you open them, they expand into a decent sized wardrobe, which can be used as a hanging storage, shoe rack, space-saving hangers and more. Since they are light in weight, it is easy to move them while shifting from one place to another. These wardrobes come with zip that serve as a door. So, when you are done with keeping your things in it, just zip it up. 

Camp Chairs are Comforting

During the stay inside your home, you will definitely not spend all your time sitting on your bed. When your friends come over for a gathering, you need to make alternate seating arrangements as well. While you have the option of purchasing heavy wooden chairs, it is prudent and budget-friendly to get camp chairs. They are lightweight and foldable, which makes them easy to move around. When not in use, they can be folded and put away. With limited furniture, your apartment will look a lot less congested and you will have breathing space.

Opt For Sturdy Work Desks 

Whether you go to the office regularly or work from home, having a work desk at home is important. Getting hydraulic tables serves multiple purposes. If you are opting for a regular desk, check for the one with multiple compartments and cabinets. This will help you keep your files, important documents and papers organised. You can even buy a foldable coffee table which you can use to place your laptop and do your work. When not using it for office work, you can use the table for your placing a book and reading it. 

Got enough reasons to invest in multi-functional furniture? It makes your space look spacious, allows you to keep your things organised and facilitates easy movement.