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Sofa Cum Bed The Ultimate Space Saver Solution for Modern Apartment

Ruchika Gupta

February 22, 2022

Average apartment size in the top 7 cities of India shrunk by 17% between 2014–2018, states a report in The Times of India. The urban dwellers now reside in an average house sized between 950 square feet to 1400 square feet. And even though the square feet of an average house has gone down, the needs of the people have only increased.

The covid pandemic has played a catalyst too when more space had to be crafted out to adjust for multiple work from home stations or schooling corners for the kids. To accommodate more pieces of furniture, space was the biggest limiting constraint. 

This has reinforced the pressing need to have multipurpose furniture in every home. And while our sofa cum beds existed even before the pandemic stuck, we saw an increased adoption for it because of its multi-purpose feature. 

Multipurpose, modular, minimalistic sofa cum beds are a space saver in tens of thousands of households in India. Insights from the customers have shown how such an inconspicuous piece of furniture has become an integral part of their lives.

The use cases have exploded beyond what was initially assumed. And almost every third day, we get phone calls on how our sofa cum bed has become the go-to solution for 


 parents with young children, 

 ✔ people relocating to new cities, 

 ✔quarantine room makeshift arrangements,

 ✔guests coming over, 

 ✔bachelor pad furniture

 ✔night duty beds for doctors 

 ✔office/factory/warehouse power nap beds


Some of the clear benefits of having a sofa cum bed are:

✔You can literally use this furniture 24/7. Use it as a sofa through the day, a lounger when you want to catch up on TV and as a bed at night.


✔Eliminate the need to drag the heavy mattress, lay it down every night, clear it out in the morning and store it through the day.


✔The cover on this sofa bed is so well fitted that you can use it as it is. Although we do recommend using a bedsheet for hygiene purposes.


✔Super lightweight yet sturdy to give you the optimum support while sitting or sleeping.


✔ Exciting colours and designs ensure that the aesthetics of your home or room is never disturbed.


✔Multiple size availability (single, double or triple seater/sleeper) accommodates everyone’s need

Uberlyfe sofa cum bed has led the sofa cum bed category in India from the front. We are now out with Version 3 of our sofa cum beds. And while each version is an upgrade over the previous one, the quality, the commitment to the customer and the obsession with finer details remain a constant through all the versions.