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The Higher GSM Fabric: Clear Choice for UberLyfe


Camped on my 3-year-old sofa bed which is parked in the living room and is being used as a makeshift workstation, bed, couch and whatnot since all our stuff is packed for relocation, I am reminded of one of the most frequent pieces of advice we get from our fabric suppliers: use a lower GSM fabric to cost cut. The usual appeal is

Everyone in the Industry in your space is using a lower weight fabric
The customer will never know the difference

Despite the stiff competition, the price war and the constant advice, we have stood our ground and picked up fabric that we feel is something we will be happy using for ourselves.

We have a fairly good idea of how and where our sofa beds will be used. They can find a spot in your living room, guest room, kids room or maybe just be a transit bed, as it is for me right now. And, We want our fabric to survive all kinds of use. We want the fabric to be able to withstand the drag on the floor, the everyday spills, the being “parked and on the floor”, or catching your kids happy tumbles, without tethering down to shreds.

And that is exactly why it is always 450 GSM at UberLyfe. The customer may not know the technicality of the GSM, but the customer experiences it in their everyday lives. Our products are out there to solve your problems, not add on to it. And thus for our sofa beds, the choice for the quality of the fabric is fairly simple for us.