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When unexpected guests arrive

Have you ever felt anxious at the unexpected arrival of guests? Have you ever dreaded the fact that you may have to host them for a night? If yes, then you probably need not dread a situation like this anymore. The classic amalgamation of function and form, modelled in the Chennile Sofa Cum Bed, is crafted for compact homes like yours. This 3-in-1 multipurpose furniture can quickly transform into a bed with a 35 degree incline and create ample space for your unexpected guests. The soft and sweat-absorbing fabric lets you do away with the need for an additional bedsheet. What’s more? This DIY sofa converts into a lounger and a bed in a matter of seconds. 

Let your unexpected guests feel the ocean of comfort sitting on this stylish and sophisticated sofa. With plush upholstery, optimum height and two super-comfy cushions, this sofa cum bed makes it a perfect seating cum sleeping unit. The design and aesthetics of this sofa cum bed adapts into any space and renders it a contemporary appeal. Optimise this convertible lightweight furniture by bringing down the upper part and placing it right next to the lower one.

Sofa cum beds are not only multi-functional pieces of furniture, they are also an ideal way to optimize a compact space. With this sofa cum bed in your living space, you can conveniently host your guests overnight. Never again will you ever experience the awkwardness of sharing the privacy and comfort of your own bed. The Chennile Sofa Cum Bed provides ample sleeping space and is large enough to house two persons. The dark-colored fabric resists food stains and makes this functional piece of furniture very easy to maintain.

Add an element of elegance to your space and upgrade your home decor. Give your home the modern touch it needs and usher in your unexpected guests.