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Work from home: Dining chair & Work counter

 The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the subsequent lockdowns have led to significant economic disruptions in India and around the world. One of the major disruptions has been the way employees work across different sectors. From the traditional 9-5 routine, employees across the globe have been forced to work-from-home while following the imperative directives of social distancing. In such a scenario, some have embraced the work from home culture but others are distracted by interrupting factors like noise, household chores or the lack of a proper infrastructural space that looks and feels professional. This is where the role of work from home furniture steps in.

 While many of us might like to use the living area and place ourselves comfortably on a sofa but we don't realise the long term use of furniture that doesn't efficiently support good spine posture might wreck health havoc in the longer run. The super comfy bedroom, the semi-formal living spaces or the kitchen area (read: snacking area) are also not appropriate for professional work when you need to get on a quick video meeting with your teammates or clients. So what's the alternative? Yes, it's the dining space!

 More often than not the dining table has the right amount of elevation that allows us to keep our laptops at the appropriate eye-level and the chairs support your body postures. This lightweight 3 Pieces Dining Table Set with 2 Chairs is multipurpose furniture that can not only be used as a piece of furniture to sit on while having your morning coffee but can also double up as a work counter. This durable, contemporary and lightweight furniture can support your spine and allows you to sit in the right posture. 

 As much as discipline, a set routine and professional dressing up is important for people in their work from home mode, so is the aesthetics and comfortability of the furniture that are being used for professional work. This easy to self assemble table chair set is eclectic and minimalistic in its visual appeal. The multifunctionality makes this furniture a prized one.