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Uberlyfe New Age Folding Sofa Bed, Beige | 3 Seater | 3 Cushions- Red Medallion Pattern

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cushions image With 3 cushions (Red Medallion)


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Product Details

UberLyfe New Age Low Seating Floor Sofa Bed is the ideal solution for compact houses and growing needs. Almost all houses need a spare bed or mattress for the unannounced guest, young children who sleep with their parents, friends that stay for sleepovers, or maybe for your sleeping arrangements. 
Our range of sofa beds eliminates your need to deal with that bulky mattress daily. An easy free-fold mechanism ensures transforming this sofa into a bed is fast, efficient, and easy on your back. 


  •  SOFA + LOUNGER + BED: Eliminate your need to store heavy and bulky extra mattresses, with our multipurpose space saving sofa bed. Our sofa bed transform from sofa to bed in less than 15 seconds with a simple free fold mechanism.

  •  LIGHTWEIGHT YET ROBUST: Lightweight enough to be moved around single-handedly. Yet, all our sofa beds are 25% Heavier than our counterparts because we use Higher density foam. Denser foam ensures no sagging/sinking even after repeated use.

  •  450 GSM JUTE FABRIC: We use custom made 450 GSM fabric (50% HEAVIER than counterpart) because we know that is the minimum requirement for a sofa bed to handle every day grind without wearing off.

  •  ERGONOMICAL COMFORT: Ergonomically engineered with the 29” deep seat (30% MORE than others) that allows you to stretch your leg and bring comfort to low seating furniture. As a bed, enjoy the Medium firm foam which has orthopedic benefits for your back.

  •  3 SEATER SOFA | TWIN BED: When used as a bed this measures 72" x 44" x 10", almost the size of a twin bed. As a sofa this product measures 72" x 37" x 10". Designed to easily sit 3 and cozily sleep two adults, this plush sofa bed also comes with 3 beautiful cushions.

  •  CUSTOMER-CENTRIC WARRANTY POLICY: Our customer favoring resolution rate in the rare circumstance of warranty claim is 98%. All our sofa beds come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects backed by a 1-call resolution. 

  •  RELOCATION FRIENDLY: Our DIY furniture requires no assembly. You can start using it right from the time of delivery. The No-Assembly feature also makes it relocation friendly.

Application / Best Use

Wondering how you can use our sofa beds? Let us share some usual and not-so-usual use cases based on our chit-chats with thousands of customers:

Used as bed:

- for the unexpected guests, relatives who decide to stay the night

- For own personal sleeping arrangement 

- Nocturnal creatures (the kids) who love to sneak into your bedroom 

- For the newcomers in the city with no sleeping arrangements

- for the bachelor pads and their unmentionable antics on party nights 

- When “Mom’s coming unexpectedly” to stay with you at the PG

- For a quick and discreet power nap at your workplace

- when your wife’s upset and you don’t want to sleep on the couch


Used as sofa and lounger:

- A sitting arrangement in the bedroom, living room, office, or hostels

- Work from home furniture when you are tired sitting on the desk

- Lounger for binge TV watching, game nights or simply partying


Where all our products have been used:

- Bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, nursery, terrace, balconies

- Hostels, dorms, PGs

- Hospitals, clinics, resorts, guest houses, marriage halls

- Startups, offices, shops, and even warehouses!

Care Instructions

Spot clean with a damp cloth or very mild detergent for minor stains.

For first-time deep cleaning, dry cleaning is highly recommended.

Do not put point loads/heavyweights as they may damage your product and nullify your warranty.

Uberlyfe Promise

All Uberlyfe products are backed with exemplary after-sales support by a super customer-centric team.

In the rare case of our customers running into any product issue, we have a favorable resolution rate of 99.75%.

We strictly follow the 1 Call swift resolution policy. This is the Uberlyfe Promise. 

Uberlyfe Benefits

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty on
    manufacturing defects

  • GST ITC Available

    Get GST invoice and save up to 18% on business purchases

  • Replacement

    15 days Replacement

  • No Cost EMI

    Enjoy 3 months interest free installments

Uberlyfe New Age Folding Sofa Bed, Beige | 3 Seater | 3 Cushions- Red Medallion Pattern



Our sofa beds are so lightweight that even a 3-year-old toddler can move them around with ease!

Lightweight yet robust so that when your kids use it as their next favorite play toy, it retains its shape and is just as much fun.

Lightning Fast Shipping

Caught in the fast commerce buzz? Wondering if the furniture will be ever delivered within 24 hours? Allow us to stun you with our lightning-fast shipping timelines. We deliver faster than most of our counterparts owing to a multi-location presence. If that is not enough, we deliver in 24 hours for Bangalore.

Kids Friendly and Safe for Use

No sharp edges rounded corners and made of all things soft. This sofa bed will be your kid's favorite playmate throughout the day.

And in the nighttime, trust us, they will love to snuggle with you for storytime.
Psst: Candid shot of our youngest brand ambassador during photo shoot.


  • It’s very high quality, right from the fabric used till the stitching and even packaging. Super comfortable to sit and sleep.Went in for the 6x6 available on website!Out of everything I loved, price is the best part! Very economical!

    Anurag Singh

  • Comfortable, good for small room.

    Surekha Sharma

  • Very Light Weight,If I talk about the comfort and texture which is really Wow,Colour is really wow...Eye soothing...It's so comfortable that my 6 month old puppy doesn't give me an opportunity to sleep,Now he is the owner...😉😉😉...Go for it without having a doubt...

    Avirup Sanyal