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How to Take Care of Your Furniture (Easy)


How to make your furniture last long


Apart from what it takes to buy a house, home furnishing and home decor costs a lot. Newly purchased furniture often outshines the old ones but they also require high investment. It is, therefore, prudent to take care of the old ones. They need to be maintained in a manner that adds as much a sense of allure to your home as a new set of furniture would. Maintaining furniture is as daunting a task as it is a rewarding one. It includes furniture made up of fabric, plastic, wood, metal, glass, leather, etc. Let us explore how to take care of furniture made up of wood, glass, leather and upholstery. 

Enhance the Wooden Vintage Appeal

Wooden furniture, for long, has been the centre of attention for legit reasons. For this very reason it is all the more important to shower it with extra care and attention. In order to enhance the appearance of wood, it is very crucial to know what helps and what does not. Here is how you can enable your wooden furniture to keep it shining for long:

  • Keep it dust free: The right amount of dusting keeps your wooden furniture sparkling. Use a dry, soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust off. 
  • Ensure minimum sunlight exposure: Be mindful of exposure to sunlight for prolonged duration's. It results in spotting. 
  • Optimum temperature helps: Placing extremely hot and cold objects may leave impressions on your furniture and distort the original texture of the surface. 
  • Regular oiling and waxing: Oiling and waxing your wooden furniture once in three months adds a protective layer on its surface in the form of a shiny varnish.

Uplifting the Upholstered

Upholstery complements the solid appeal of wooden furniture. The visual appeal of upholstered furniture is warm and comforting. Its colors and texture renders a personality to your space. But if not taken care of in the right way, they are prone to getting soiled very easily. Here's how you can keep your upholstered furniture vibrant. 

  • Vacuuming: Accumulation of dirt and dust makes your furniture look old. Upholstery can be kept clean if it is vacuumed at least weekly.
  • Reorganize Often: Over a period of time, upholstery furnishings are subjected to wear and tear. To avoid the rugged, old look, it is advisable to rearrange them regularly. 
  • Arm Covers: With frequent use, certain parts of your furniture are more prone to dirt and abrasions. Protect them by using detachable arm covers and keep them clean. 
  • Slipcovers: The washable slipcovers are seat covers that protect your furnishings from sweat, oil and stains. Wash them when they get dirty. 

Preserve the Dark, Fine-grained Leather

While leather is largely considered as upholstery, when combined with metal or wood, leather furniture becomes quite exorbitantly priced. It, therefore, requires additional care. Since it is easy to maintain, this kind of furniture can last for a long time.

  • Clean like a pro: Maintain a basic maintenance routine. Wipe off stains, spill spots with a wet cloth dipped in mild soap water. Use of abrasive cleaners, harsh detergents or chemical solutions is a big NO.
  • Dust everyday: Daily dusting is a way of keeping the seats clean which ensures that dirt does not accumulate. 
  • Vacuum away the hidden dirt: – Coated leather furniture often has hidden corners that are inaccessible. Clean them with a vacuum cleaner and avoid a build up.

Turn That Thick Smoky Glass Transparent

Glass furniture will never be out of vogue. They will always be combined with other material such as leather, fabric, metal and wood and turned into flamboyant pieces. Although these types of furniture are delicate, they are also easy to take care of. The easiest thing to do is to wipe them clean with the help of a wet cloth and a mild detergent. Before settling for any furniture, it is important to understand their type and the amount of maintenance they will require in the years to come. Keeping your furniture in good health ensures that they last long. Simple maintenance routines can come a long way in reaping the right value for your investment.

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