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While setting up a nursery for your kid is a fun experience, keep in mind to keep the nursery a combination of fun and functionality! Afterall, you want to create a space for your kids to play, grow and have fun experiences.


Therefore, you need to identify their requirement and strike a balance between essentials and non-essentials in terms of objects and furniture you choose to surround your kid with. The space you create should allow children to play, interact with each other, engage in fun activities and at the same time, keep their safety as a top priority.


There is so much to explore and innovate when furnishing a nursery but it is prudent to keep the space simple and safe with a neutral decor. As your little ones grow old, modifications can be introduced.


Furniture, bedding and accessories play a major role in setting up a nursery. To begin with, you must pick up the right piece of furniture and add other elements around it. The furniture and other elements that you choose to surround your kids with must serve three main purposes


– functionality


-- storage 


-- learning



Additionally, always focus on furniture items that grow with the child. Babies grow up very fast. OLX is full of impulse buys where the child has quickly outgrown their stuff. An ideal piece of furniture grows with your child, is safe and contributes to their fun and learning experience.


Following are some furniture types that are not only essential for a nursery but also allow you to rebuild or modify your space as your kids grow.

Essential furniture for all Nurseries

Cubies for Storage

Your child may be small but its trousseau will be extensive. These small storage boxes, aka, cubies are somethign you will find super useful. You can store diapers, toys, socks and mittens, onesies&pajamas, burp clothes, toilleterries and what not in them! Aptly sized they will help you organize different item types in the boxes.  


Crib for Sleeping

A young baby spends a large part of its day sleeping. Investing in a safe and sturdy crib that grows with the child is a great decision. While buying a crib ensure that the height is optimum and moving a sleeping baby in and out of the crib is not hard on your back. Organic bedding for a young baby is always a good idea.


Deep Seated Sofa Beds for Nursing

The caretakers of the baby have long hours. They need a comfortable spot in the room to spend time with the baby. A deep, comfortable couch gives them ample space to nurse the child, change its clothes or play with it. When the baby is comfortably sleeping in its crib, they can pull open the sofa bed and catch on their nap. 

These are some important pieces of furniture you need to set up a nursery for your kid. As they grow, you can keep adding other items in the space based on their taste and preference. Make sure that whatever you purchase for a kid’s room, it should have a utilitarian aspect apart from aesthetics.


Efficiency is the key to building a nursery and the items you choose for this space determines the comfort you offer to your kids. Provide them with items that will allow them to have fun and express themselves. But most importanly, always ensure that the nursery is always a safe haven for them with no sharp cornered or edgy furniture item.