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Have you ever felt anxious at the unexpected arrival of guests? Have you ever dreaded the fact that you do not have the sleeping arrangement to host them for the night? Do you want to avoid investing in a heavy piece of furniture, aka beds, that occupy most of the space in the room and it will be used only some of the time?

A good solution to all these questions and concerns is to invest in a sofa bed. A piece of multifunction furniture that ensures that it is used throughout the day in various forms and functions. Like our handcrafted sofa cum beds which can be used as a sofa-lounger or bed.

This versatile piece of furniture goes from one postion to another in less than 10 seconds. 


There are different types of sofa beds available these days. So you may wonder why we should invest in a sofa bed that is built up of foam entirely. Foam sofa beds have an edge over the bulkier, heavier sofa beds because they are inherenly lightweight which makes them a big hit with people who are not ready to commit to heavy furniture. Typically, if you are someone who relocates frequently, or have just moved into a city, or someone who is taking a workation or setting up an office, foam sofa beds come way more handy. The maintanenance is also much easier with these types of sofa bed.

While the markets are flooded with different brands of sofa cum beds, Uberlyfe sofa beds are a cut above the rest. Primarily, three things that helps it stand apart: Raw material quality, attention to details and worryfree after sales support.


Benefits of buying Uberlyfe foam sofa beds are:



1. They are lightweight enough to be moved single handedely. Yet robust that they wont sink or collapse with regular usage.


2. They are easy to set up, fold and unfold. 


3. They are available in standard sizes that fit most homes and can be custom built to any requirements.


4. Last but not the least, our sofa beds come in over 12 colours and scores of cushion variant to blend with your interior decor seamlessly.


Our recent launches have added more fabric options and colours to keep pace with the 2022 color trends for home decor.


How does Uberlyfe sofa cum bed solve your guestroom woes?

The urban coglomerate is facing a space crisis with apartments sizes getting smaller. Our need for space however has only shot higher. Hence having a guest room that will be used only when guests arrive is a dying concept. A sensible approach will be to use every inch of space in the house. So a guest bedroom can be seen as a space that can double up as a

- study

- home office

- baby's nursery

- meditation/yoga room

- TV room


This can be achieved by keeping a lot of fluid space in the room. A multipurpose and modular furniture arm you with the flexibility to use the space as per your requirement. You are not stuck with permanent arrangements in your guest room around which you have to define your life.


A good  piece of furniture that you use on need basis is our sofa beds. With it hardly occupying 30 inches of width in the room in sofa room, it gives you a lot of open space to use as per your requirement. 

And when the guests arrive, friends visits or parents come calling you do not have to go scavenging for beds or mattresses to arrange for their sleeping quarters. All you need to do is unfold the sofa, and tada! you have a bed set up in less than 10 seconds.


Uberlyfe sofa beds are now part of more than 40,000+ households. They have found various uses but one of its most quoted use is that of a spare bed/sofa in the guest bedroom. 

And that is why, we believe all our sofa beds are perfect your guest and your guestroom.